Friday, February 24, 2012

My trip to the farmer's market

One of my favorite memories when I was a kid was going to the farmer's market.  Back then they weren't as popular as they are now and the county I lived in only had one.  It's still the one I go to, although not as much as I probably should.

Mr. T and I have been thinking about joining a Community Supported Agriculture group, also known as a CSA.  Basically CSAs are a great way to know where your food is coming from.  You buy produce (and other items based on what your "contract" is) directly from the farm(s) of your choice.  The farmer's benefit because they get more income to continue to grow and do what they do. 

Graham Farms is the farm that we will be doing our CSA with.  They're been in business for about 18 years and I like how they do their CSAs.  You pre-pay into your account with them.  They give you a 10% bonus and e-mail you each week with a list of what they will have at the market.   You e-mail them back with what you want and they bag it up.  Graham Farms has jams, jellies, pickles, plants, local honey, and pork products (I got bacon this week).

Here's my haul from this week.

Pink Grapefruit, Sugar Snap Peas, Broccoli Flower (or something like that), Hydroponic lettuce, and Honey Cured Bacon!!!

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  1. YUM! :) I definitely miss living on a farm and getting all the fresh produce!